David Beaumier served as the project manager for the Chuckanut Editions anthology, The Writer’s Corner 2017, in association with Village Books. He’s edited Weaver’s Light,  Zorsam and the God Who Devours (anticipated pub date winter 2018), and Dreams of Running (anticipated pub date 12/2017)and proofread Dark Gods of Alter Telluria, and Frostbite

His fiction and poetry have appeared in Eastern Washington University’s InRoads, Western Washington University’s Suffix, and the Whatcom Writes AnthologyChoices. He loves considering the way mythology intersects modern day life through a socially progressive lens.

David is pursuing masters in teaching at Western Washington University, and he holds a degree in creative writing from the same institution. He primarily works with authors in Washington State, and he looks to make their work ready for agents, publishing houses, or self-publication.

He hosts the twice monthly fiction group at Village Books in Historic Fairhaven, and runs two tango classes and hosts a monthly milonga in Bellingham, WA.